the easiest dapp
to create AR

The "AliveMe" dApp opens up limitless possibilities of immersion in the digital environment on top of the real world.
Users will get more useful content and authors will get more opportunities to express themselves!

our mission is to realize
the most useful dApp
for creating AR content
in the Web3 world

We want to give people and businesses an opportunity for creativity and self-expression. Together with "AliveMe" you can touch the world of augmented reality not through the prism of news about the successes or failures of large IT companies in this field, but directly through the screen of your smartphone!

AR for All

aliveme is simple
and convenient
for everyone

AR for Creators

AliveMe dapp combines static image with video or graphics and animates it on mobile screen with the help of QR code

Three simple steps to create AR

Upload photo/static image to our dApp and add some video/graphics for it
Get a special QR code and add it to your image
Print the image with QR code and share your AR
AR for Users

you don't even need to install any additional applications on your smartphone to interact with AR-objects

Three simple steps to enjoy AR

Turn on the camera on your smartphone
Find a QR code with a special label
Point your camera at the image and unleash the power of AR
step by step


1st phase
  • Market Analysis
  • Project Plan
  • Website Live
  • Smart Contract Deployment
2nd phase
  • $ALIVE Token Presale
  • Presale Marketing Campaign
  • Community Building
  • AliveMe dApp Development
3rd phase
  • AliveMe dApp (Beta Release)
  • $ALIVE Token Launch
  • $ALIVE Token Marketing Campaign
  • DEX/CEX Listing
4th phase
  • AliveMe dApp (Stable Release)
  • Multi-chain Deployment
  • Partnerships
  • Global Marketing Campaign
About token

$alive Tokenomics

We have our own ecosystem token named $ALIVE. It is an ERC20 token deployed on Ethereum mainnet.
The total supply of $ALIVE tokens is 1 billion (1,000,000,000).

Contract address:


Please note that you should not send any tokens to this address!

  • 25% - Presale
  • 10% - Team
  • 15% - Ecosystem / Reserved
  • 10% - Liquidity
  • 20% - CEX Listing
  • 5% - Airdrop / Rewards
  • 15% - Advisor / Partnership
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The FAQ section aims to provide answers to common queries about "AliveMe".
If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team via the contact form.

What can I create?
When can I claim $ALIVE tokens?
Will there be an $ALIVE airdrop?
I want to upload a video. What recommendations does your service give?
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